5 Creative Tools that aren't Canva and Figma

 5 Creative Tools that aren't Canva and Figma

There was a time when creating a logo or landing page was limited to individuals with pricey software or years of design expertise. If there's one thing that successful Internet tales have shown us, it's that creators can convert outmoded technologies into mainstream tools. Especially when everyone who is ready to investigate the numerous resources and advice might benefit from them.

Two of these success stories are Canva and Figma. While they can't promise you'll be the next Jony Ive, they've inspired others to create tools that address design demands in other ways. Here are a few recent releases that caught our eye:

1. Kettl

Kittl, a new graphic design platform, promises to bridge the gap between Canva and classic design programmes like Photoshop and Illustrator (which have a higher learning curve). "Kittl is more of an easy-to-use version of Illustrator, whereas Canva is more of an InDesign counterpart," the creators explain.

The tool also provides a community-built library with thousands of ready-to-use templates, fonts, and graphic elements.

2. Spline Beta

Spline Beta makes 3D design more accessible through real-time collaboration, animation, and 3D modelling, and received over 1200 upvotes on its first day. You may make your items interactive and change their textures.

3. Overflow 2.0

Overflow 2.0 allows you to make interactive and collaborative user flow diagrams. Its latest edition lets you save designs to the cloud, view a full version history of any document with rollback, and integrate programmes like Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop.

4. Stage

Stage bills itself as a prototype tool for those who aren't designers. Using the app's pre-existing smart components and template screens, you may construct mobile UX/UI designs.

5. Uizard

Finally, the winner of the Golden Kitty Award. Uizard is an AI-powered design tool for creating web and mobile app prototypes that is user-friendly.


credit: Product Hunt