What is Metaverse?

What is Metaverse?

The metaverse concept, which has come to the fore with multi-billion dollar investment plans by companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Roblox and Epic, is being seen as the next stage in the development of the internet.

This virtual reality world can be accessed using virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) headsets, smart watches and smart glasses.

What does metaverse mean?

The metaverse, which is seen as an enhanced version of virtual reality technology, is also described as a fictional world.

The word metaverse is a combination of the words "meta" (meaning beyond) and "universe". The term also appeared in Neil Stephenson's 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash.

Metaverse offers a shared 3D virtual environment where people can shop, subscribe to services, collaborate with colleagues, play games and even customize the surrounding landscape to their personal tastes and needs. Metaverse allows people to enter the digital world instead.

For example, users can view themselves elsewhere in the form of a hologram. He states that the Metaverse can be imagined as an embodied Internet that one can access rather than just look at it.

It should be noted that the metaverse, which will be based on reality, will allow users to interact with each other in real human images by digitizing their real physical environment, as opposed to cartoon avatars in pre-created virtual worlds.

The concept of the metaverse is known to have been portrayed in many films and video games such as The Matrix, Pokemon Go, Minority Report, Ralph Breaks The Internet and Black Mirror.

Facebook executives define the metaverse as an environment in which people can feel like they are together while playing games or doing research.

Metaverse uses and capabilities

The Metaverse, which primarily enters our lives with the game world, has a very important place in terms of its impact on the blockchain and the world of finance.

The metaverse universe, where cryptocurrencies and fixed assets called NFTs are used, has also created a large economy in a short time. Through cryptocurrencies, people can buy various assets and services in the virtual world such as NFT.

For example; Users who own a plot of land in the metaverse can sell the NFT of that asset to other users. Metaverse sales, like land and real estate, are very popular today. Many users in our country and around the world can buy land on the metaverse.

These plots users can build a dream house in the virtual world, create a business where they can earn virtual coins, etc. It offers opportunities. Large companies have also started implementing the world's first virtual stores by purchasing land through various metaverse platform

These stores, where users can shop with cryptocurrency, enable the use of products purchased in the metaverse. Thanks to this feature, the metaverse, which created a large market share in a very short time, was able to enable Facebook to make a drastic change and change its name.

Meta, which has moved more attention and resources into the field by acquiring the Oculus brand, the maker of virtual reality technologies, is among the brands that have invested the most in building the metaverse.

The Metaverse will make as many changes as possible:

1- Everyone will be able to become a customizable digital character/character here.

2- Digital avatars with real people behind them will be able to gather in the virtual environment.

3- With the reality of the Metaverse, people who are miles away will be able to hold their business meetings wherever they want.

What awaits us in the Metaverse

Looking at recent events, it seems that a great experience awaits us in the future.

Epic Games' Travis Scott party in "Fortnite" has become one of the most popular metaverse events. The concert, attended by 12.3 million musicians from all over the world, provided an immersive experience with breathtaking visual effects.

Not only users and companies, but also non-governmental organizations and associations began to actively use the metaverse. More and more group meetings and conferences are taking place in the metaverse.

The metaverse, where concerts, live shows and many other events will take place in the future, presents a unique world defined by the limits of imagination.

Credit: Khairallah