TraderWagon | Copy Trades With One Click

 Why TraderWagon?

TraderWagon (TW) is a platform that bridges the gap between expert and novice traders,
allowing you to discover, follow and copy trades made by experienced traders from all over the world. 

TraderWagon is more than just a copy-trading platform;
it's also a trading and investing community
where you can meet and
communicate with like-minded people.
Expand your trading circle by chatting with
some of the world's best traders about trading tactics
and approaches that can help you improve.

How to become a Copy Trader?

Anyone can apply as a Copy Trader. Simply Log in and Register to the TW site. Click here.

How to copy trade on TraderWagon?

Step 1: Register via TraderWagon, and connect your Binance account.

Step 2: Enter the portfolio center, select the portfolio according to your preference, and click [Copy].



a. Crypto Futures trading is subjected to high leverage and market risk.


Please evaluate the performance of the portfolio before copy trading.


b. The indicators on the portfolio card are based on historical data.


Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Step 3: Set your copy amount and stop-loss amount. Click [Submit].
Funds will be transferred from your Binance spot wallet to the portfolio automatically.
You are now copy trading!

*Tip: Please set your stop-loss amount according to the risk level of the portfolio.

After the copy has started, how do you check and manage your portfolio?

1. Click [Dashboard] - [Copied Portfolio]

Here, you can: a. Close the portfolio by clicking on [Stop Copying] b. Adjust stop-loss c. Add copy amount

2. Click [Expand Position Details] to check current positions and order history.

3. When you decide to end the copy, click on [Stop Copying].
There will be a pop-up window to display the PNL and net ROI information.
Click [Confirm] and the portfolio will be closed.

APP Download

TraderWagon App is here! Copy trading is made even simpler.

1️⃣ Download TraderWagon App

2️⃣ Tab "Copy Trading" & Log In/Register

Where to download?👇 (use this Referral ID: zoh4z49)

TraderWagon Advantages:

1. Trusted

TraderWagon partner with top-tier crypto exchanges to
provide the best social trading experience.

2. Secure

Security is our number one priority.
With the necessary safeguards, users’ funds and
personal data are always protected.

3. Detailed Portfolios

Analyze the historical track record of the best traders and
select the best copy trades.

Be a TraderWagon Copy Trader Today

  • Earn passive income by copying top traders
  • Automatically follow diverse strategies with $100 minimum amount
  • Retain control of your assets.
  • Set your stop loss and exit the copy any time
  • Enjoy a worry-free experience. Your assets are secured on Binance.

Copy Portfolios NOW!

If you're new to crypto trading or don't have the time to watch the markets, TraderWagon allows you to discover, follow and copy trades made by the best traders from all over the world.

How can you make money in social trading?

It depends, social trading is one of the ways that investors, novice or otherwise, can earn from the cryptocurrency market on autopilot. Beginners can increase their chances of making profits by following Lead Traders on TraderWagon without the need to study the market.

Fee Structure All orders would be executed as a taker, the fee structure as shown below: Account Type - Copy Trader 0.05% Lead Trader Transaction Fee Rate: The same fee structure charged by ​Binance's VIP levels.

What are the requirements to copy portfolios? Copy-Traders can invest between USDT 100 to USDT 50,000 or an equivalent value in crypto assets per portfolio.

How to get Started?

  • Select your preferred portfolios to copy
  • Choose the deposit amount and set your stop loss
  • Sit back and monitor the progress while top traders guide your trades.

Refer friends and earn commission together!

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