Introducing | The First Decentralized Search Engine

 What is Presearch?

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that not only rewards users for exploring Web3 on their platform but aims to bring security and privacy to its users.

Presearch launched their search engine and token $PRE in 2017. In October 2020,
established that its users made over 10 million monthly searches. Today, 21 months later averages over 150 million user searches!

That is exponential growth and labels Presearch as one of the largest and most used Crypto projects in the world!

Users have complete control over their data. Your location and information are not tracked and any searches made on Presearch are not stored.

The search engines we use in general profit from our searches. Our information is stored in their system and sold to third parties.

That is why Presearch believes the world deserves a "community-powered" decentralized search engine and is fundamental to the future of Web3

Other than being rewarded for your simple 'Online Searches', you can earn more $PRE by:

•Set up a 'Presearch Node'

•Use Presearch's unique 'Keyword Staking'.

•Referral rewards

•and other future utilities that will allow users to earn more $PRE

Presearch Node Operators provide server capacity and are rewarded in $PRE for the value they provide to the network.

When choosing to set up and operate a node, Presearch requires you to stake $PRE tokens to reserve your right to provide capacity and act as a deposit to ensure you don't violate any 'Terms of Service.'

Keyword Staking works by allowing users to 'Stake' their $PRE against words or sentences, which is used for setting up an advertisement to a link.

For example, I want 'Website' to appear top of the Presearch search engine when people search for "Binance". I would then delegate an amount of $PRE tokens to stake against "Binance", which in turn sends traffic to the Website and enables to earn $PRE for Staking.

When you Stake your $PRE to words/multi-word terms, you have complete control over them. Your tokens are locked up but can be un-staked anytime, however by doing so you forfeit your 'Ad'.

Presearch also offers 'Referral Rewards' by introducing them to their search engine.

As you can see $PRE already has so many utilities that allow users, advertisers and supporters of the network to earn!

It doesn't stop there, soon you will be able to earn from 'Data Sharing' which rewards you for specific data shared with Presearch, don't worry you control any shared data! Advertisers also will have the option to create CPA (cost per action) adverts, e.g. watching a video.

The full list of future utilities can be found in the Vision Paper or Roadmap.,

Presearch is doing everything in its power to create the ultimate gateway to the internet and Web3.

Presearch is now the default search engine on Browser 

Presearch links & Socials Presearch Twitter - @presearchnews

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Presearch Vision Paper (PDF) -

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credit: Alt Crypto