7 Tips for Making Profitable Trades on Opensea (NFT Marketplace)

 You are NOT using Opensea correctly

When used properly, you can print money with your trades

The first and biggest web3 marketplace for NFTs and cryptocollectibles is called OpenSea. Use OpenSea to browse, make, purchase, sell, and auction NFTs right now.

Here are 7 Tips for making profitable trades on Opensea:

1. Trait Sniping The 'Activity' page is typically used to watch sales But pro's use it to watch live listings as they happen This is by far the best way to snipe great deals on rare traits 1. Click a project 2. Click 'Activity' 3. Uncheck sales 4. Check listings

2. New pieces of data OS has recently added new pieces of data to their pages It's important you get familiar: • % Listed: < 5% is ideal. • Unique Owners: > 60% is ideal. • Offer/Floor spread: use offers on wide spreads • Royalty: flipping is easier when these are low

3. Always use offers With collection offers, it becomes even easier to get good deals You should NEVER use 'Buy Now' Especially in a low volume environment, you can save big with offers Use collection offers to: • Get the floor for cheap • Snipe traits • Save money

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4. Use Plugins Using Opensea Chrome Plugins can add a lot of useful functionality My favorite is Supersea It allows me to: 1. See the floors in my wallet easily 2. Total wallet value 3. Pricing alerts 4. Watchlists Many other plugins are free too. Will cover later!

5. Hidden Folder Most people send NFT's to the hidden folder then never check again Bad idea Isolated pumps happen all the time, even on hidden NFT's Every day prioritize quickly checking the floor on all your hidden NFT's Otherwise, you might be leaving money on the table

6. View all offers received Another critical daily routine OS does a terrible job of alerting you to new offers The 'offers received' screen will show you all your offers in one place See an above floor offer? Take it How to: 1. Profile screen 2. More 3. Offers Received

7. Use short expirations Want to save money on gas? Set short expiration periods when selling an NFT Opensea charges you gas when you cancel a listing But it's free if the listing expires Choose the 1 day expiration, then create new listings if you still want to sell

Recap: 1. Watch the listings activity page 2. Understand the new Opensea data 3. Always use offers 4. Download plugins 5. Check your hidden folder 6. View all of your offers 7. Use short expirations Any tips I missed? Comment below!

credit: NFT God

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