7 Ways To Turn Your Content Into NFTs Today

 We observed an increase in 2022 in the number of web3 creator-empowering tools and applications. 

Utilize them to expand your community and audience.

1) Writing - MIRROR

Whether it's a research paper or blog post, you can turn any piece of writing into an NFT through Mirror. 

You publish it, you own it, and all posts are mintable that your audience can collect.

2) Social Media - LENS PROTOCOL

Lens is a protocol that people are building on top of. 

Some applications out now are the web3 version of Twitter (lenster.xyz) and YouTube (lenstube.xyz).

You can post there and make your content either free to collect or set a price.


3) Newsletters - PARAGRAPH

Readers can subscribe with their wallets or email. 

Paragraph has some really cool web3 native features built in like issuing airdrops to subscribers and token gated newsletters.

4) Photography - QUANTUM

Quantum is a platform that focuses on photography NFTs. 

You can apply to have your work included in an upcoming drop through their community curation program.


Glass focuses on .mp4s and aims to be "the home of video NFTs". 

If you are a vlogger, create music videos, or podcast host that records via video too - consider dropping your work on Glass.

6) Live Events - POAP (Proof Of Attendance Protocol)

Live events are a form of content too! 

Meetups that you host, art gallery shows, or concerts and open mics can all be celebrated with FREE proof of attendance NFTs.


A step-by-step guide to creating POAPs

7) Music - SOUND.XYZ

Sound is currently the premiere platform for dropping music NFTs, but you do have to be selected to collaborate with them on a drop.

credit: JOSH

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