What is Decentralized Social? Introduction to DeSo Blockchain | Adil Kazani

 Decentralized Social is enabling a creator-led, user-owned internet that is available to millions of developers worldwide to build upon one another.

Social media is unreliable.

A small group of billionaires own and are in control of all the stuff we view and the data we share online.

Users are treated unfairly while these multibillionaires and massive businesses hold all the power.

Fortunately, there is a fix for this escalating issue.

Let's talk about:

1) The present social media problems

2) How Web3 alters how we use social media, and

3) How DeSo was created from the bottom up to address all of these problems, and more.

We'll also look at how the DeSo blockchain's hundreds of active applications make it possible for you to start utilizing decentralized social media RIGHT NOW.

What is Blockchain?


The present social media problems:

There are some fantastic things to social networking. It enables us to effortlessly build new relationships, get in touch with existing ones, and reach a far larger audience than was previously possible.

But it also has three important problems.

1) First is centralization

Consider a society in which McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's are the only dining options.

Consider a scenario in which these businesses pick what each of us will consume since they have complete control over the food supply (content) (moderation policy).

We wouldn't want to live in such a world.

But alas, this is the state of web2 social media today.

Essentially everything we view and consume online is controlled by about 3-5 players in the social media industry.

This results in a small number of individuals controlling the internet's whole communication network.

2) Second is the ad-driven business model.

An ad-driven business model is used by modern web2 social media businesses like Twitter and consists of the following:

  • On Twitter, material is created by users.
  • Through the Twitter app, users explore content.
  • By displaying advertisements to people who are viewing content on its app, Twitter makes money.
  • Because it can't efficiently display advertisements on applications it doesn't control, Twitter won't allow anyone else to run an app or a feed based on its content.

This implies that for this economic model to succeed, Twitter must keep exclusive access to its material.

To be profitable, these social media behemoths must dominate and consolidate their content and app experiences. As a result, the user's experience is diminished.

3) The third and final issue is a lack of ownership.

You don't own anything on platforms for social media on the web 2.

All of the content you produce—whether it's a new tweet, a friend on Facebook, or a remark on a YouTube video—belongs to these businesses alone.

Your profile and material are permanently deleted if you are ever banned or suspended, and you cannot migrate your stuff from one site to another.

Your social graph is owned by businesses like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok.

What is Web3?


Social Media in Web3

Fortunately, web3 provides a fix for all of the problems we just addressed.

You may control your social network using decentralized social media, which also provides an alternative to the ad-driven revenue model and returns control to the users rather than the platforms.

Blockchains, however, must be developed expressly for decentralized social media if it hopes to expand and add billions of members in the same manner as Web2 social media has.

The majority of currently in use general-purpose blockchains are designed to power financial applications. Additionally, they excel at it.

However, social networking apps use a lot of storage. To be effective, a social networking app must enable likes, followers, text posts, photo uploads, and video uploads.

And the most well-known Web3 blockchains just cannot handle it.

As we can see, it costs literally hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars to keep one gigabyte of on-chain data on blockchains like Cardano, Avalanche, Solana, and Ethereum.

Web3 social media cannot be established on these blockchains since this situation is just unsustainable.

DeSo enters the picture in this situation.

What is DeSo?

The first layer-1 blockchain, DeSo, was created specifically to scale and decentralize social apps to billions of users.

With DeSo, your social network is actually yours. Every bit of information shared on the DeSo network is kept on-chain and is the users' property.

Additionally, moving your social network, information, NFTs, and coins between DeSo-based applications is relatively simple.

On DeSo, there are more than 100 applications accessible. These include anything from music and commerce to NFT initiatives and social media.

You can find the full list of applications on DeSo List.

DeSo for Creators

DeSo is the finest platform for creators to grow an audience.

Because it is not feasible to transfer your Twitter following over to Facebook or Instagram and vice versa, creators on Web2 are obliged to cultivate an audience on each site independently.

You just need to create an audience once using DeSo. You can expand and monetize your audience more effectively since they are portable.

There are several methods to earn money if you want to create on DeSo:

  • Post for Diamond rewards. (FOLLOW ME: diamondapp.com/u/kazani351)
  • Audience can purchase your social token.
  • Create a DAO and raise money for your next big idea or piece of content on DAODAO.
  • Start a project using NFTz that is NFT.

With new DeSo apps being created on a regular basis, the possibilities are unlimited.

What is DAO?

(Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)



How to Use DeSo Today

Visit deso.org to learn more about DeSo and to sign up if you want to get started with it right now.

Each new member of the DeSo network receives a "DeSo identity." Your DeSo identity gives you the ability to log in to ANY app developed on the DeSo ecosystem and bring your profile, followers, content, and funds with you, much like Metamask on Ethereum.

Explore applications built on DeSo

Browse the future of decentralized social applications.

1) Twitter user? Try http://Diamondapp.com!

Diamond = Web3 Twitter.

Diamondapp.com has everything Web3 creators are looking for, including:

– NFT profile pics

– Post to earn diamonds and cash out into fiat

– Social tokens/creator coins other people can buy

Creators earn every day on diamond.

2) Facebook user? Try http://Overclout.com!

3) Someone who likes mobile first social apps? Try http://Desofy.app

Desofy = 1st Decentralized Web3 Mobile App.

Mobile on a blockchain is hard to do, but DeSofy made it happen.

That means you can post to earn on the go.

You can crosspost on Twitter and DeSo using Desofy

4) Instagram or Patreon user? Try http://pearl.app! They've just started to let users into their app for early access.

Pearl = Web3 Instagram.

pearl.app has most of the features IG does.

It also has:

– Tipping

– Social tokens

So you can post to earn on Pearl from day one without needing 50,000 followers.

5) Looking for language specific feeds? Try http://desocialworld.com!

DeSocialWorld brings DeSo to different countries in different languages.

So people who speak the following languages can experience Web3 social media.

– Hindi

– Dutch

– French

– Russian

– Chinese

– Spanish

– Japanese

6) Medium user? Try http://zirkels.com!

7) DAODAO = Web3 Community Builder.

DAODAO features include:

– 100% on-chain

– Little to no gas fees

– Multi-currency support

– Instant tokenization trading

Launch a DAO in a few clicks (1,500 so far).


8) Entre = Web3 LinkedIn.

Entre is a Web3 professional network.

It's a hybrid between Web2 and Web3.

They host recruiting events for people looking to get a Web3 job.

Check it out or send it to a friend who recently got laid off.


9) NFTz = DeSo NFT Marketplace.

NFTz focuses on curation.

Other features incoming:

– Ethereum integration

– 3D NFTs/Virtual Reality

– Interactive Metaverse Gallery


10) DeSo Messenger = Web3 Discord.

DeSo Messenger team is integrating all the features people in Web3 are looking for.


– 100% on-chain

– Token gated/NFT chats

– end-to-end encryption

No more Discord. 

No more half Web3, half Web2 communities.


The best part about the above apps is you only have to post on one platform and build one audience.

For example, if you post on Pearl, people can see it on Diamond and DeSocial World.

That means you can also get tipped diamonds on all platforms as well.

Post once and earn.

Other cool features on DeSo:

– Better UX
– DAO Coins
– 0 gas fees
– 100% on-chain content 
– Creator subscription apps
– Fastest syncing blockchain
– Encrypted and unencrypted group chats
– Multiple ways to monetize (diamond, post2earn, NFTs, creator coins)

If you're new to DeSo, SIGN UP here.

Thank you for reading!

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