What Is Mastodon? | Free, Open-source Decentralized Social Media Platform

 What Is Mastodon? 

Free, Open-source Decentralized Social Media Platform

What Is Mastodon?

It is not a dinosaur, no. Developer Eugen Rochko introduced Mastodon, a "free, open-source, decentralized social media network," in 2016.

Mastodon looks and feels more like Discord than Twitter, despite the fact that it promotes itself as a Twitter substitute. Mastodon has servers that are all connected to the Mastodon "fediverse," as opposed to a single continuous timeline, but each has its own distinct rules and content.

Posts are arranged chronologically rather than algorithmically, there are no advertisements, and there are no additional restrictions save those set out by the servers.

How To Join Mastodon?

An Alternative Boom

Mastodon is the most well-known Twitter substitute, with more than 1 million active monthly users and 500,000 fresh signups since Elon took control, but it is by no means the only choice for people looking for something different:

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves; while many fascinating social media ideas are being developed, it will be exceedingly challenging to unseat Twitter.

The irony is that, despite the increase in Mastodon debate, Elon tweeted that this was the busiest week ever for Twitter usage.

Never forget that while the dinosaurs perished, the birds survived.

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