Top 5 Blockchain Games to Play and Earn Crypto Tokens | Trending Dapps

Top 5 Blockchain Games to Play and Earn Crypto Tokens | Trending Dapps 

The Sandbox launched its Alpha Season 2 on March 3rd. And the metaverse giant continues to build partnerships to ensure there’s a reason for everyone to visit. Players will now be able to explore 35+ new experiences and the best thing is, they’re open to everyone. No special passes or VIP access required.

Splinterlands topped DappRadar’s blockchain with 526,470 unique active wallets connecting to the platform during the preceding week. Just going by its impressive on-chain activity, it’s worth paying attention to this game. SPS, the game’s native token, has maintained a relatively steady price during the turbulent opening months of 2022. And it’s 30-day user and transaction numbers have held up equally impressively. The market is speaking for Splinterlands, so maybe we should all pay attention.

Play-to-earn giant Axie Infinity launched its new Origin release on April 7th, which brings a completely revamped Arena battle mode. With the new release, Axie Infinity players will get new stats boosting their chances to get more play-to-earn rewards. Axie Infinity Origin has had a positive effect on activity for the game, which will continue to shine throughout April.

Trading card game Gods Unchained has big plans this April. The card game on the Immutable X layer-2 solution will introduce the Mortal Judgment expansion set towards the end of the month. Importantly, this will be the last major card expansion for the game during Season 1. The expansion features exciting new designs and combo decks with boosted powers. 


This month will be very important for Metalands as the game plans to release its first playable demo on April 15th. The demo will feature a single player PvE mode.What’s more the team will organize numerous events, bringing players the opportunity to win prizes, including some of the game’s rewards token supply in CIFI. Check out a teaser for Metalands below.

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credit: Dappradar