100+ AI Tools You Should Know

 100+ AI Tools You Should Know

One of the cutting-edge technologies that everyone must grasp is AI.

It is altering the way the world operates. You will lag behind and eventually stop being relevant.

There are several AI technologies that may help you increase your creativity, productivity, and efficiency while ChatGPT is the buzz of the town. 

Tools for many other categories are included, including Audio, Chatbots, Coding, Copywriting, Design, Images, Learn & Organize, Music, Photography, Product Insights, Sales, Search, Video, and Writing.

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Here’s the list:


1. Dupdub.com - engaging voiceovers in seconds.

2. Resemble.ai - create human–like voice overs.

3. Soundful.com - unique, royalty-free tracks.

4. VALLE-demo.github.io/- preserve emotion & acoustic environment of the acoustic prompt.


5. Chai.ml - build and deploy an AI chatbot to thousands of users.

6. Character.AI - have open-ended conversations and collaborations with computers.

7. Openai.com/blog/CHATGPT - get help writing or coding almost anything.

8. Circlelabs.xyz - make your own bots and chat with them.

9. Mygemsouls.com - create virtual characters.

10. Meetmaya.world - combine business with external data to develop faster and more accurate decisions.

11. Quickchat.ai - build AI Assistants.


12. AI2sql.io - efficient, error-free SQL queries w/o knowing SQL.

13. Codiga.io - code snippets & analysis.

14. Debuild.app - code apps in secs.

15. Durable.co/ai-website-builder - build sites in secs.

16. Excelformulabot.com - turn text to Excel.

17. Mintlify.com - beautiful documentation that converts.

18. Moderne.io -keep up with API changes.

19. Mutable.ai - build fast with production quality using AI.

20. Ottertune.com - database admin.

21. Pygma.app - turn Figma designs into high-quality code.

22. Replit.com - accelerate coding with AI assistance and mobile app.

23. Stenography.dev - automatic documentation.

24. Tabnine.com - AI assistant for software developers.


25. Anyword.com - copywriting AI.

26. Clickable.so - create ads in seconds.

27. Contenda.co - reimagine your content in new formats.

28. Contents.com - power your content strategy.

29. Hypotenuse.ai - write content in seconds.

30. Jasper.ai - create amazing, original content 10X faster.

31. Novelai.net - AI-assisted storytelling.

32. Novuswriter.ai - content creation with AI.

33. Peppertype.ai - virtual content assistant.

34. Writer.com - AI writing for teams.

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35. Deepimagination.cc/Magic3D/ - text-to-3D content creation.

36. Diagram.com - magical new ways to design products.

37. Uizard.io - design apps, sites, prototypes.

38. Vizcom.ai - see your drawings come to life in seconds.


39. Botika.io - unleash the potential of unlimited visual content.

40. Craiyon.com - AI model drawing images from any prompt.

41. Openai.com/dall-e-2 - create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

42. Lexica.art - The Stable Diffusion search engine.

43. MidJourney.com - create beautiful AI-generated artwork by simply entering a text-based prompt that describes the image

44. Pixelz.ai - AI Art Generator

45. Playground.ai - search tool for ai generated images.

46. Rosebud.AI - AI Generated Visuals.

47. Stability.ai/blog/stable-diffusion-v2-release - text-to-image with default resolutions of 512x512 and 768x768 pixels.

48. Waifulabs.com - AI that draws custom anime portraits.


49. Cogram.com - effortless meeting notes and action items.

50. Get.mem.ai - capture, share, and make use of knowledge.

51. Fermat.ws - brainstorm with AI on a spatial canvas.

52. Tutorai.me - learn anything.


53. Aimi.fm - experience interactive music.

54. Aiva.ai - AI composing emotional soundtrack music.

55. Boomy.com - make instant music and share it with the world.

56. Harmonai.org - open-source tools to make music production more accessible.

57. Mubert.com - human X AI music for videos, podcasts & apps.

58. Soundraw.io - music generator for creators.

59. Splashmusic.com - compose original music lyrics.


60. Faceapp.com - photo-editing application that offers more than 60+ filters.

61. Getalpaca.io - Photoshop plugin for generative AI.

62. Imagen.ai - Personalized photo editing.

63. Prisma-ai.com/lensa - all-in-one image editing app that takes your photos to the next level.

64. Photoroom.com - remove background automatically, create professional images.

65. Stylized.ai - AI photo studio for product photos.


66. Askviable.com - automate your qualitative data analysis.

67. Enterpret.com - spot emerging feedback trends, integrate with product analytics for deeper insights.

68. Staircase.ai - uncover your blind spots from customer communications.


69. Creatext.ai - researches your prospects & suggests hyper-personalized snippets for your outreach.

70. Lavender.ai - improve your sales team's workflow.

71. Oliv.ai - shine in every meeting and monitor sales process adoption.

72. Outplayhq.com - makes selling easy.

73. Smartwriter.ai - generate 1000s of personalized emails that get you 8x more replies.

74. Usetwain.com - AI communication assistant for outreach.


75. Algolia.com - search and recommendation services to create world-class digital experiences.

76. Andisearch.com - your smart search assistant.

77. Glean.com - searches across all your company's apps.

78. Metaphor.systems - reimagining search.

79. Neeva.com - honest search engine, no tracking, no corporate influence. ( I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS)

80. Perplexity.ai - search anything.

81. You.com - the search engine you control.

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82. Hourone.ai - text to video/virtual presenters.

83. Rephrase.ai - create digital avatars.

84. Runwayml.com - precision editing.

85. Synthesia.io - videos from plain text.

86. Tavus.io - personalized videos in one click.


87. Ai21.com - language models for reading and writing.

88. Compose.ai - cut your writing time by 40%.

89. Fableml.com - writing and publishing tool powered by LLMs.

90. Glasp.co - organize quotes and ideas from the web.

91. Gomoonbeam.com - everything you need to write killer long form content.

92. Grammarly.com - great writing, simplified.

93. Hyperwriteai.com - idea to final draft, faster.

94. Writewithlaika.com - train AI on your own writing for a personalized assistant.

95. Lex.page - unlock your best writing.

96. Novelai.net - AI-assisted storytelling.

97. Novuswriter.ai - content creation in the AI age.

98. Rytr.me - AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content.

99. Subtxt.app - AI-powered storytelling.

100. Sudowrite.com - bust writer’s block with our magical writing AI.

101. Superfragile.com - harness the mind's extraordinary potential.

102. Wordtune.com - your thoughts in words.

Choose one tool from each category and become proficient with it.

credit: Misha

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