Midjourney v4/v5 Guide (For Beginners)

 Midjourney v4/v5 Guide

NOTE - This Guide is only for BEGINNERS.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence program created by a San Francisco-based independent research lab Midjourney, Inc. 

It generates images from natural language descriptions, called "prompts", similar to OpenAI's DALL-E and Stable Diffusion.

Midjourney is one of the most popular text-to-image AI services online and users can use a chat application, Discord, to communicate with the bot to create aesthetically aesthetically pleasing images without any coding experience.

So let’s begin our show.

Wanna create images like these in just 7 seconds?

You will know the top best midjourney practices in this guide.

You can use it for your logo, social media posts, business, ads, marketing, youtube thumbnail, etc...

So let’s begin our journey towards filled with surprises and fun tricks:

For Beginners:

Go to: https://discord.com/invite/midjourney

and join it for free. 

And do these:

How to use Discord?

So you will get 4 images when you generate.

In order to get 1 specific in high resolution, see image below:


Write tags on your prompts to get better results.

Tags starts with comma and you can write anything as a tag.

It gives Midjourney to understand your prompts better.

You will get many tags here (copy-paste these). (link)

So now that you are pretty damn good at it.

Lets go more deeper with Midjourney now:

1. Create your avatars for any use

With Midjouney, you can create your own avatar in any format(cartoon, anime, futuristic, etc)

Example: [paste your image link] in anime style

Prefer Video?

2. Artist Style

When you put any artist name in your prompt, Midjourney will give you similar art style image.

Eg. A building by [Artist name]

You will get 1500 artist style in this resource: (link)

3. Remix

Lets say you like one image from four.

And you want: -SIMILAR images. -Tune(edit) it by yourself.

You can do this with remix mode now.

4. Creative

If you use --creative in your prompt, Midjourney will give you more creative images.

Keep in mind it can be only used it with --test or --testp

Half time Popcorn: 

5. NO

-no will exclude the things you don't want from your image.

Write [your description here] --no

Example - professional shot of a delicious cheeseburger --no lettuce --no green

Get inspired from 300+ free prompts from this site.

7. Weights

If you want to make something big or small on your image, you can give it a weight.

You can put weights in any words from your prompts

Just put weights after that word. See image below:

8. -q

The quality can be 1 to 5.

5 being the best. 1 being default.

But when you increase the number, it will take longer to generate.

9. Stylize

-stylize changes how artistic you want your generation to be.

Stylize goes from 1 to 1000 in

In short you can write --s instead of --stylize.

10. Free Tool Generates WILD Modjourney prompts for you

11. And lastly you can sell your prompts and make good money

This is the platform for selling: (link)

Thank you, that’s the end for your full guide
(now you are a Midjourney samurai)

credit: Barsee

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Thank you for reading!

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